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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to enter PWD/PIN to authenticate my SDE e-mail address every time I access secure data?

No. The recipient's SDE E-mail Address (E-Mail in Address Book) authentication is required when you start the SDE Client application. After accessing the first document, SDE Client does not close unless you confirm that you want to close the SDE Client.

What is Profile and why do I need to set it up?

Profile is required to activate SDE Client, authenticate your e-mail address and automatically deliver secure data to authorized recipient. If you need to create SDE documents, select Create/Send Secure Data. Also, you will need to set up Recipients in the Contact Data or you can transfer your current Address Book (contacts) as follows:

  • a) Export the address book from your existing e-mail service in the csv format as shown below
  • b)"Import Addess Book" by clicking on (csv format) you exported and downloaded from existing e-mail service in step (a

Yahoo Mail

After you logon to Yahoo Mail, select Contact, select Action, Select Yahoo CSV, Click on Export. Yahoo contacts (Address Book) contacts.csv is downloaded in the Downloads folder.

Windows Mail Platform:
  • Select Contact from left side Menu bar, Select Export, Select file name (it appears there may be a "bug"). Unless you have the file with a csv extension, it will not allow you to go to the next step. The "work around" is to add a folder with the name outlook.csv.
  • Select fields (select first three fields and e-mail address) and click Finish. Your contact lists always resides in the downloads directory.
  • After you logon into web mail account, select Preferences, then select Address book, select Export Address book that is downloaded in the Downloads directory. Make a note of the file name to be used to Import Address Book in the SDE Client.
  • Select Contact Data, select Export Data, select CSV format etc.. Always make a note of the CSV file just downloaded.
Other Email services:
    Export your contact file into the Outlook CSV Format that is downloaded in the Downloads directory. Please make a note of the file name

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