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Getting Started

  1. Click on Sign Up (above), enter required data
  2. Follow instructions for confirming your e-mail address and enabling the downloading of SDE Client
  3. Please note that any antivirus program you are running may prevent a successful installation of SDE Client. To avoid potential problems, please temporarily disable your antivirus program before downloading and installing SDE Client. Some Browser's security check, may not recognize the SDE Client software and send warnings. The SDE Client software is absolutely safe and secure for your Windows device.
  4. Follow the instruction provided to install the SDE Client.
  5. If you are using Microsoft Windows 8 or 10 operating system, you may encounter a message preventing installation, click on More Info on Windows 8 or select "I understand the risk and want to Run this App" on Windows 10 and click on Run it Any Way to complete the installation.
  6. Upon installation, click on SDE Cient icon on desktop, SDE Client will display a Profile screen. Follow the instructions to activate PWD/PIN and the SDE Client. If you are installing on more than one device you must use PWD/PIN you activated when you installed SDE Client first time.
  7. On SDE Client activation, the system will start the SDE Client by opening the SDE document (extension .sde) from any e-mail system. Upon valid activated PWD/PIN entry, the SDE Client will convert the secure data into the original format and display the original document (similar to accessing any Attachment)

Frequently Asked Questions (left panel) provides detail on how to set up SDE Client, export Contacts (Address book) from any email service. There is no charge for access to the secure data (similar to accessing PDF)

To contact SDE Client Support securely using HIPAA compliance Secure Data Exchange, please click here

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