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Access SDE using iPad/MacBook

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Accessing SDE Client on Windows Platforms…using Apple devices (iPad & MacBook)

Healthcare service providers wanting to exchange secure text/documents can now use an iPad or MacBook using Jump (Desktop)…a screen sharing utility.

To use the Jump app, follow the installation two steps for accessing SDE Client running on Windows.

Step 1: Installation of Jump Desktop on Windows devices (PC, Tablet or Server)

  • Get a Google email address (if you don't have one)
  • Go to your Google account (Sign-in with email address & password) & click here to:
      Enable (click on) the "less secure apps" option for your Gmail account
      (allows Jump application on iPad/MacBook to access Windows device using Google gmail
      address & password for authentication to share screens between Windows & Apple devices)
        - Goto Winodws Automatic Setup (Jump Desktop)
        - Screen: "Windows Automatic Setup"
        - Click on: "1. Download for Windows"
        - Screen: "Welcome to the Jump Desktop Setup Wizard"
        - Click on: "Next"
        - Screen: "End-user agreement"
        - Click on: "I accept the terms in the license agreement" & "Next"
        - Screen: "Ready to Install"
        - Click on: "Install"
        - Screen: "Completing the Jump Desktop Setup Wizard"
        - Click on: "Finish"
        - Screen: "Jump Desktop" - Displays: Your Google (gmail) address
          "Connected and Online"
            Also has online disconnect button
              - Click on: "Configuration Wizard" (follow steps to set up code to allow remote access
              - from iPad/MacBook)

Step 2: Installation of Jump utility on Apple devices (iPad or MacBook)

  • iPad:
      - Select Application
      - Search: Jump Desktop
      - Click on: Install & follow steps to install jump desktop icon
  • MacBook:
      - Go to Mac Automatic Set Up (Jump Desktop)
      - Click on: "1. Download for Mac OS..."
      - Click on: Install & follow steps to install Jump desktop icon

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