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Why SDE?

SDE Client Technology is a virtual multi-layer real-time security system that encompasses email service with two forms of user authentication. With SDE you can use your preferred email and messaging service for both regular and secure messages. You can also add attachments, track sent messages for receipt/review, and revoke access to messages and attachments at any time.

SDE also allows you to block access to secure information (financial, healthcare, private personal information) in the event your mobile device is lost or stolen, even if your password and PIN are discovered. Through this feature and the ability to revoke access to messages, SDE Client Technology gives physicians/hospitals an unparalleled level of messaging security. This gives clients an added layer of protection and minimizes a provider's exposure to financial loss and potential loss of clientele.

The SDE Client also acts as the "black box," independent of any mobile manufacturer or service provider. It protects an individual's privacy and access control at the SDE user level, which places the responsibility of who can access secure information with the user rather than the provider. Thus, SDE achieves the two goals of: 1) secure information access, and 2) individual privacy.

For example:

If law enforcement demands access to secure data (via a court order), a service provider or device manufacturer would not be able to grant unencrypted access to SDE files. The court order would have to apply to an individual, and even then the individual user can reveal secure data on their mobile device (using their two forms of authentication) without sacrificing the privacy and security of other SDE users.

Today, more and more providers are relying on "the Cloud." Cloud computing, as an online service, removes users from the required infrastructure of physical computing. However, consider the use of a cloud-based EMR/EHR system and the associated risks...

  • The Cloud is used by patient/physician to exchange PHI (Patient Health Information)
  • Appointment schedules are made/changed/cancelled through the Cloud
  • Notifications (test results/appointment reminders) are sent via the Cloud service

These interactions are typically achieved using unsecure email messaging. Unfortunately, these message exchanges may allow for security "holes" that can be exploited by a third party (hacker). In addition, if your mobile device is lost or stolen, SDE provides the step-by-step information you need to locate your device.

With the integration of SDE technology and the Cloud, two-way communication can occur with a direct transaction exchange while protecting user privacy and eliminating multiple steps. Users will still benefit from the level of access provided by the Cloud while increasing their individual security through SDE technology. SDE Client Technology is the message security option needed for the digital age.

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